Scratch Pad Poetry is a place for random poetry on whatever topic happens to come to mind on the day I’m weaving words together! I’ll be crafting poems about anything from my cats to God and thunderstorms to dreams. Anything and everything is on the table!

Scratch Pad Poetry is a new endeavor that I am beginning in an effort to return to crafting poetry. 

The seed was planted in 2019 when I needed to get out some thoughts that were swirling around in my mind about recent events in my life. I had a document named scratch pad and I just started writing. At the end, I had a page of poetry unlike anything I’d done before. I changed the name of the document to Scratch Pad Poetry and tucked it away. 

2020 brought more upheaval and more poetry in the document. Depression, anxiety, frustration, fear and isolation filled my heart as the world turned upside down. Each time, I spilled my emotions with every key stroke before packing it away once again. 

I was feeling particularly restless recently, and I came across my hidden document. I had been nursing a desire to write poetry again, and the name struck me as perfect for the new project. I never thought it would end up being something I would pursue on a regular basis, but that’s the plan now. Scratch Pad Poetry will be a way to express my emotions and thoughts about life in a transparent fashion, no matter how joyful or ugly. I hope you will garner something from the entries and verses.

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