Our faith is based on two events, both of which are astounding, that give us reason to rejoice and offer praise to God.

Christmas is where the story of Jesus begins. God sent His only son to a broken world in order to save them, which includes us. His birth was the only hope we had of salvation, and a glorious birth it was! Angels, shepherds, wise men, and animals all gathered to witness the arrival of the King.

Easter is the other side of the coin where Jesus sacrificed Himself to complete the plan. His resurrection was the sign that our sins could be forgiven, and that we could be redeemed by the blood He spilled. When He rose from the dead, we were given the chance of eternal life.

The poetry in this book flows with amazement and thanksgiving for everything He has blessed us with through these miraculous, wonderful days. There is nothing better than a holiday that celebrates our Lord and our God.

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